Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scabbing Skin and Fresh Rashes!

If I could have spent this time totally in a cool bath I would have! I hated these scabs! I knew they were good sign and i knew they were protecting the delicate skin underneath but they were so hard, so ugly and i wanted rid of them!

Well they did start gradually dropping off- usually in the bath but occasionally on the sofa or in the bed!! Yuck! We were changing the bed everyday and keeping sheets on the sofa to catch the scabs! Well it wasn't pretty but it was a necessary part of healing- there were just sooo many of them - all up my arms.

I cannot recall how long it took all the scabs to fall off but it took a while. My arms were very stiff and sore and the itching and irritation was terrible so i stayed on the meds. I stopped the steroid tablets though as Doctor only wanted me on a very short course.

I struggled to wear any clothes - i could not wear anything on my arms at all and had to cut up clothes so they were without arms. I felt awful and must have looked terrible! I tried to stay positive and make fun of what was going on -even though I was really quite worried. Just took one day at a time and tried not to think how long this was taking. I saw the doctor regularly and he is very supportive and helpful.

Anyway eventually they all dropped off and left sore red skin underneath but ti tlooked quite healthy.

Then a strange thing occurred I noticed another rash starting on my elbow and it was spreading up my arm again. It also started on my neck and chest. 

I went to the doctor and he thought it was more of the same but what was it?? Over a few days it became very sore, very itchy and it got worse....

My Doctor Visit For My Erupting Skin

I rang the doctor surgery the next morning, it was a Monday and typically there were no appointments left. The receptionist asked if I needed to see a doctor urgently- hmmm I thought well no i am not bleeding or having breathing issues so No - but i said maybe I need to see someone- so she booked me in with a nurse for half an hour later.

Thank goodness our doctor is close by as the walk there was a nightmare, my arms felt heavy and the blisters were now filled with a weird fluid. 

I went into see the nurse who took one look at my arms and said you need to see a Dr today - now! She said she thought it was infected and that i would need antibiotics. she didn't really want me leaving the surgery and sorted out for me to see the Dr as soon as he had a gap.

I went in to see our doctor, I had seen him before and he is a very calm, measured doctor, nice and professional. However I saw the look on his face when he saw my arms and knew he was shocked at what he saw.

 I revealed one arm at a time as I told the story of what had occurred to date. He carefully examined me and wanted me straight on antibiotics and to come back in 2 days and to ring if it got any worse.I also had antihistamines for the itching and painkillers for the pain. 

In the meantime to keep the skin clean with clear fresh cool water only. He said I should certainly have booked in as a emergency!!

I went back in 2 days and it was a little better and certainly no worse but not good enough for him and so he also put me on a short course of steroids and to come back in 3 days.

The pattern continued with me going back every few days to be checked and things started to improve... the blisters started to burst and ooze - it was not pleasant , very yucky actually and I covered everywhere i sat with sheets.

 I bathed in cool water only my skin could not bear anything ese at this stage. After a few weeks the burst blisters started to scab over. I ended up covered in hard brownish large scabs all over both arms. The next stage was for them all to drop off. Dr was hopeful that this would be coming to an end.

However there was an unexpected turn of events....