Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dermatology visit

OK so I was waiting to see the dermatologist. In the waiting room were so many people with skin conditions, even little children. I had no idea before that so many people had so many skin issues. 

I was doing my best to hide my own skin as I thought it looked horrible, yet it was so sore and itchy and inflamed I didn't really want any clothing on it. Being dressed for me was simply agony....Here is a photo of my skin on my arm at this point. 

When I saw the dermatologist she took a history then asked me to undress to my underwear so she could examine all my skin. This took a little time  and afterwards she came back with a diagnosis. She said i had severe sunburn! I was quite shocked by this as although we had been on holiday I had covered up, worn a factor 50 suncream, not sunbathed, and worn a hat so I really thought I had been very careful....

Anyway so in a bit of a daze i was directed how to use a steroid cream - a potent one to relieve the irritation and the inflammation.

 I was also shown how to cleanse the skin properly and to always apply any creams including emollients in the direction of hair growth only.

She told me to stay out of the sun and that it was possible I might be allergic to the sun.  Also that they needed to do a test for Lupus. I didn't know what Lupus was and was quite upset when I found out how serious it could be, but she did think it probably wasn't that but had to be thorough and make sure, so I needed more blood tests.

So it was quite a visit. At least I was pleased that they now knew what it was and how to cure it, though I was upset by the possible Lupus link and by the  possible sun allergy link...

I felt I was reeling a little at what the possible consequences could be of these possible diagnosis....I think the diagnosis I had at this point was photosensitive eczema.....   

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