Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On and On The Skin Condition Goes....

The blood test was soon after my visit to the dermatologist. As the skin on my arms was so bad still inflamed and sore and angry and weeping in places too and cracked it was impossible to take blood from my arm in the usual place. So it had to come out of my hand. 

I had not been too bothered by Blood tests in the past but in the hand was sooo painful for me.The nurse was great but there was still just a lot of pain and I was glad when it was over. 

Little did i know at that point that I would need several more BTs in my hand but anyway...

The results came back quickly and Fantastic I DID NOT have Lupus! I was overjoyed at this point , at least one of my worries was over.

However it was short lived as I was not getting any better. I stayed out of the sun, I applied the strong potent steroid creams, I used the emollients, I bathed in the prescription bath lotion. 

However there was very little improvement and although I was off the antibiotics and steroids now i was still needing antihistamines every day to relieve the terrible persistent itching and irritation. I still found wearing clothes a pain - literally. 

My skin was like red raw meat from the butcher. It would calm down a bit then flare up again regularly. I was up and down the the Dr. More Blood tests to check out all kinds of different levels and ....well I wont bore you with every visit! 

We were all doubtful by now that it was a sun allergy. I hadn't seen any sun for months and although there was indeed some improvement it was not enough for me or the Dr....

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