Thursday, June 27, 2013

Skin Patch Allergy Testing Results

I really didn't expect much at this point. I mean how could I be allergic to anything. I had never in my life before been allergic to anything!

I met with the dermatologist. I have to say the staff at the hospital who did the skin patch allergy testing were absolutely wonderful! They were calm, chatty , friendly and helpful. Nurses were just great and the doctor was very understanding.

I knew from the Wednesday check up when they removed the patches that had been put on , on the Monday that there had been 3 reactions... 

They intensified over the next day or two and by Friday I had 3 nice red welts or as they put it 3 "good" reactions! You can see them in the photo.

So it was easy to tell what I was in fact allergic to.

The dermatologist explained everything and gave me 3 sheets with the allergens on it and essentially told me to completely avoid ALL the allergens for the rest of my life. She said it would mean quite a lifestyle change....

I was initially so relieved that I FINALLY KNEW what I was allergic to !

However, within a few minutes of getting in the car and driving off I burst into tears!! This was so unlike me why was I crying about this?  I finally knew what to do and how to get better, I should have been happy???

I think it was partly the relief but also the realisation that with the allergies I now knew I had I would have to undertake a major overhaul of all the products we used and also adapt my life to avoiding them which looked no mean feat.....

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