Sunday, June 23, 2013

What is Sun Allergy?

With a possible diagnosis of Lupus and a possible diagnosis of sun allergy and photo  sensitivity hanging over me, clearly the last thing I needed was to be in the sunshine. 

So even though it was the middle of summer at this point I avoided the sun. I kept indoors often with the blinds down as any heat or sun would make my skin sore and hurting. It was pretty miserable!

If I went out I covered up as much as possible. I hated being warm anyway at this point. I wanted cool breezes and clouds! I missed the summer really altogether! 

I did get quite down at this point as I thought IF I was really allergic to the sun how would I live life and what restrictions would it bring. 

I am an outdoor type person and love walking and being outside in the countryside, gardening etc and I was not happy thinking that I would not be able to do that. So I needed to find out more about sun allergy and how to handle it. 

The following links were useful to me.

So I spent time reading and learning and waited for the blood test.... 

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