Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hot Weather and Sore Skin!

Whew! The hot dry weather we have been having has not really agreed with my skin. It has dried out much faster and wen it gets dry it gets sore. As its been sooo hot I have felt like I have needed two cool baths a day- this has helped with the soreness but need to be very careful not to increase the dryness. 

So I have been keeping well hydrated by drinking lots of water and applying moisturiser. I have also stayed well out of the sun and the heat whenever possible. 

Luckily our patio area is in shade for most of the day after about 11am. I used to think this was a negative but now it is an absolute positive !  So I can still sit outside with friends and enjoy the garden not being in the sun! 

Currently wearing at least two light layers of clothing so that any sun cannot hopefully get through. I also have a shawl that has an inbuilt sun protection factor of 50 which is just perfect for wrapping up in and not getting hot while being protected. I wear a big hat and sunglasses too. 

So while I do love the sunshine I have found this year I have to take a lot of precautions in order to look after my sensitive skin.