Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reflections On Party Season With Allergic Skin.

Well it has been a hectic time so not been doing much posting lately. I was reflecting on how my skin condition has impacted on my life over the festive period. I was invited to and went to a party just before Christmas and then it was a question of what to wear! 

Before the skin allergies I would have just chosen a dress I liked and that suited me. However now I have to take other factors in to account. my skin is still delicate so I tend to keep to very soft fabrics so that had to be a consideration. Then I could not be sure that other  people at the party would not wear or spray perfume so I had to go for a dress that would cover me up more. So no sleeveless or backless dresses I had to go for one that was made of a supersoft material, had long sleeves and would be giving me a good coverage. 

I found a beautiful soft and stylish red dress with long sleeves and a v neck. With a lovely scarf added I felt confident that my skin was well protected. Of course I couldn't wear perfume but I could wear the bare minerals make up which is gorgeous and I went on to enjoy the party !