Thursday, March 28, 2013

How It Began

So how did it all start? Well we were on holiday in a wonderful sunny climate and I was diligent as usually about wearing sunscreen and keeping covered up and in the shade. I am very pale skinned and I can't take much sun so i am very careful.  

We had a great holiday, sightseeing, resting, relaxing, quality much needed time. On the day before we were due the fly back I noticed a small bumpy rash on my left forearm... it was a bit sore and a little itchy but nothing to worry about much. 

To be cautious I went to the local chemist who thought it was a heat rash and gave me some gel to put on it and said to stay out of the heat. It was our last day anyway so this was not a problem for me. 

Nothing changed much , we flew back to the UK , went shopping the next day in our town and drifted off to sleep that night. I woke up on a Saturday morning and there was a BIG CHANGE - looked at my left arm- it was covered in large - I mean - HUGE blisters!!

 They sort of grew up my arm over the course of the next few hours and I noticed my right arm becoming red too. I still wasn't too worried but a bit perplexed and simply bathed them in cool clean water. 

The next day I woke to huge blisters on both arms all over my forearms and just past the elbow crook and fading out as they went up my arm. Today Sunday they were much more angry, fluid filled and my arms felt "heavy " I was beginning to experience some pain and  not be able to use my arms. They felt stiff, sore and strangely unreal.

Was i worried ? - well yes a little - but I did not count it as an emergency and thought I would go to the doctors tomorrow....more in my next post......

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