Monday, May 6, 2013

Painful Rashes

The rashes spread up onto my neck and chest and maybe because the skin is so delicate in that area it became very painful, so painful that I had to get more painkillers from the Dr. 

This pain was scary  Then one day it all really flared up and my husband rang the Dr who prescribed a spray to help me with the itching and pain. The spray worked quite well. 

I went to see the Dr again and we both agreed I needed to have a referral to a dermatologist. 

The rash had started mid June and it was now nearly Sept. I was unable to work, unable to do much really as my arms , neck and chest were either irritated, sore, itchy or downright painful. 

Sleep was only possible with the anithistamines and  I was ready so ready for this to doctors had done everything to help me but the rash was not going away....

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