Sunday, June 30, 2013

Contacting manufacturing companies for skincare products

My next mission was to find products I CAN use. I trawled the shops in our high street and well it difficult. I checked skincare, haircare and basic household products ad could not find anything that was suitable for me with the allergies

Next i tried the internet. I basically went about it this way. First i tried the brands i knew, brands my friends used and then did a search for skin friendly products under various search terms. 

This took a long time.... even when I found the brands often, surprisingly often there were NO ingredient listings! On some there seemed to be partial listings and a very few actually did list the full ingredients. So with many  could not tell if it would be Ok for me or not. 

I decided that the only way i could be sure would be to contact each manufacturer and ask them if the product would be any good for me. So i composed a letter and e mailed it out to  probably over 30 companies. 

This is the letter I used to contact companies. 

I have to say most were very helpful, some assigned a person to help me. Most gave me their ingredients or at least told me if my allergens were in the product or not. Only a couple did not reply to me. 

I eventually ended up with a short list. A very short list actually - of companies who had products that i can use.

It was now a matter of urgency to get those products to me as quickly as possible as do bear in mind - I had nothing to use for my haircare or skincare!! They were very helpful to me. 

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