Friday, June 28, 2013

Finding products I CAN Use!

Ok so I left the dermatologist with my three sheets of information about the allergens I was allergic to and I knew what to avoid. 

The sheets were very detailed and useful and also gave the other chemical names of the allergens so i knew what I had to check on every product. It was very clear and excellent information. 

Issue was what did that leave me I can use? 

When we got home we checked all my skin care, haircare and body care- not one product was any good for me- believe it or not every one of them contained an allergen!!! So they all went into a bin liner to be given away.

Next we checked the household products- things like washing up liquid, furniture polish, bath cleaner, kitchen cleaner- again Not one I can use- allergic to them all!!

Then the washing liquids and conditioner we used for clothes- Nope i cannot use that either !!

We ended up over the course of two days with a massive sack of pretty much useless products. We decided to give them all away.....

No wonder my poor skin was not recovering - it had basically been bombarded in our home with stuff I had become allergic to. So I was left with a huge sack of products i cannot use and empty cupboards and bathroom cabinets!!

Well there is nothing like a clear out !!

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